Your Customers

The Challenge

Customer impressions and behavior in the cannabis space are constantly progressing, just like the market itself. Brand impressions change, needs and requirements develop, and the processes that impact product and provider selection evolve at an ever-increasing pace.

To survive, companies must understand and protect their customers on a continuous basis. The high cost of winning a new customer relative to keeping an existing one is well documented, and companies that cannot maintain a loyal base of frequent buyers are destined for failure.

How Research Can Help

Assessing and acting upon the dynamics of customer loyalty requires detailed and continuous feedback from your marketplace. Companies that fail to keep a finger on the pulse of their customers are destined to operate in a vacuum, while those that seek out the voice of their customers are best able to understand:

  • Key needs and requirements – what do your customers want from you?
  • Impressions of performance – how well are you delivering against those core needs?
  • Competitive position – how do your customers see your competition in these areas?


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